Capital Markets


ImanTouch can help you gain fast, scalable and flexible access to market data. Imantouch works with the world’s top financial firms and infrastructure providers and regulators, to help them adapt to the escalating volume and speed demanded by an increasingly automated and globally integrated industry.

Bespoke Technical Consulting

We specialise in the application of high end technology to solve business problems for our clients in both the capital markets and commodities sectors. We provide consultancy, implementation and engineering to financial institutions who are looking for the higher performance, increased throughput and real time compute intensive solutions needed to give them market edge.

Our team have worked exclusively either in investment banking or in physical commodities. They understand both the business problems and the potential technical solutions. When businesses talk to us, we know exactly what they’re talking about.

Our expertise lies in using proven technology from both inside and outside the financial sector to solve specific problems, particularly around high performance computing, grid and Cloud. Through our understanding of the technology, the business and the risks, we have created a range of innovative services specifically tailored for large investment banks.

We also supply grid computing services to customers who don’t want to invest in large-scale compute grids themselves. We provide managed service contracts and support clients by managing their grids or HPC infrastructures on a pay per use basis.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and work closely with our internal research and development teams to create unique and leading edge solutions for our clients. Above all, we focus on providing pragmatic technical solutions to solve specific business problems, rather than implementing technology for its own sake.

Typical engagements undertaken by the Capital Markets practice are as follows:


  • Bespoke trading system development
  • Greenfield implementations
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Automated testing and reconciliation

IT Consultancy

  • Architectural design and bespoke builds
  • Quantitative models integration, frameworks, backtesting and validation
  • Low Latency Computing

Cloud Services

  • Virtualisation and Cloud
  • Grid and High Performance Computing
  • Managed grids and infrastructure