Cloud Computing


Cloud computing changes the way we think about technology. Cloud is a computing model providing web-based software, middleware and computing resources on demand.

By deploying technology as a service, you give users access only to the resources they need for a particular task. This prevents you from paying for idle computing resources.

Cloud computing can also go beyond cost savings by allowing your users to access the latest software and infrastructure offerings to foster business innovation.

Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service)

IaaS frees up resources you’d otherwise use to house, run and maintain the equipment. This approach is best suited for resource intensive activities, such as development and testing. ImanTouch hardware, software and services can also provide advance management capabilities, service assurance and integration for on and off-premise cloud resources.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS provides a set of automated and intelligent services and tools that sit on top of the infrastructure services provided by IaaS. Also, PaaS is distinct from software as a service (SaaS). While SaaS is a ready-to-use application as a service, PaaS allows you to create differentiating applications for your unique business. The characteristics of PaaS offer a competitive advantage for your organization by taking advantage of the efficiencies, flexibility and speed inherent in a cloud service.
With a long history of helping companies manage and host enterprise applications, an industry-leading portfolio of key middleware technologies and an enterprise-class cloud service delivery platform, ImanTouch is uniquely positioned to provide platform services.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software delivery model that is centrally hosted in a cloud computing environment and accessed by users over the Internet. Many business applications use SaaS as a common delivery model because of its ability to help reduce costs and simplify deployment.
Whether your business is ready to integrate SaaS applications into operations, build your own SaaS platform to deliver applications or design new customized web services, ImanTouch offers technology components and expertise to meet your needs.